Our Coaches


Owner/ Head Janitor

Joel is passionate about well being, both others and his own, and loves the opportunity he gets to help others experience greater fitness and quality of life. He has worked with senior citizens and college athletes and everyone in between. If he’s ever not in the gym he’s usually riding dirtbikes, mountain bikes or pursuing adventure on a semi-professional level.



Adam has been active in sports his entire life. His involvement in high school basketball exposed him to a wide variety of strength and conditioning programs–eventually leading to CrossFit. Since then he has had a passion for helping others achieve new levels of health and fitness. He is CF-L2 certified and is currently looking to take his CF-L3 test to become a CF-L3 trainer. 


Coach/ Renaissance Man

Mike was initially motivated and inspired by the CrossFit philosophy that anyone of any physical ability can benefit from the functional movements that are foundational to CrossFit. He is passionate about helping and inspiring others to maximize their strengths, overcome their fears, minimize their weaknesses, and pursue their highest overall health goals: mental, physical, and psychological.


Coach/ Gym Manager Extraordinaire 

Aaron Harrell is our fun loving Ginger Giant. As a former collegiate athlete, he played volleyball for the UC Irvine Anteaters while getting his BS in Biological Sciences. He started his fitness career after college, spending 4 years working his way up through the tier ranks at Equinox in their Personal Training department. It was during that time that he was competing in CrossFit and eventually made the switch to coaching as well. With almost 10 years of experience, Aaron’s niche is working 1-on-1 with motivated individuals to help them improve their movement and lifestyle.



Megan has been involved in sports her entire life, from gymnastics and cheerleading to softball and weightlifting; she was always actively involved in a sport. Once she finished playing organized sports, CrossFit offered her the competitive edge and team dynamic she missed. Megan graduated from California Lutheran University with her B.A. in Psychology and chose to pursue personal training at Equinox before eventually making the switch to coaching CrossFit. Whether it is group classes or 1-on-1 training sessions, she loves seeing others achieve their goals and has a passion for helping others realize their strengths.