Before After

The first is from July 2017 before I began crossfit.
The second is from September 2018, one year after joining.

Brett Medeiros

How long have you been with Crossfit Tustin?
I joined Crossfit Tustin 1 year ago, in September 2017.
Why did you stick with Crossfit?
I stuck with CrossFit for two main reasons:  It was a good way to change my lifestyle and continue improving my overall health. I enjoy the camaraderie I build with the other members and coaches at CrossFit Tustin. 
What was your athletic background?
In terms of my athletic background I played football throughout high school.
What was the main thing that got you to your goals?
The main thing that allowed me to reach my goals was being consistent with going to Crossfit classes daily and maintaining a healthy diet.
Can you tell us anything else about you?
After finishing grad school and starting my career I had the goal of wanting to commit myself to a healthier and more active lifestyle. A year ago I joined Crossfit Tustin and made a lot of dietary changes, mainly cutting out or limiting a lot of unhealthy foods and including healthier options. By being consistent with both Crossfit and my diet over time I was able to go from my starting weight of 210 lbs. down to 160 lbs. by the spring.
 I ran my first half marathon this past weekend and finished it in just over two hours. I didn’t practice any distance running to prepare for it, just came to Crossfit regularly and maintained a healthy diet. 

Pete Shambrook

Sujata Kamdar